Weekly switch clock

Weekly Switch Clock with Arduino

I was unable to find a Weekly Switch Clock on the Internet that suites my needs. So I decided to build one on my own.

WeeklySwitchClock_SideView Screen_Clock If you want to build it, have a look at




Tips – please do read!


The main goal was a high WAF (Woman Acceptance Factor)

Because it is for my Aquarium in the living room and my wife has to be able to program the timers and switch on or off the light or the filter without first going through a manual. ( We do turn off the filter during feeding time, because otherwise the food will be spread all over the Aquarium)

Must Have

  • Clock should be placeable anywhere in the room.
    No need to be close to the Aquarium or to be close to the power cords of the light or the filter. So a remote switch is necessary
  • The state of the switches should be very obvious
    There should be no need to read a manual to turn on or off a switch. So a touch LCD is required
  • Easy programming and easy changing of any timers
    This again needs a touch LCD
  • Automatic time setting
    No need to set the time in case of a power loss. This requires a real time clock or a DCF77 receiver. I choose a DCF77 receiver because it also changes time during DST.