Before you download the software, please make sure that:

  • You have installed the Arduino IDE
  • You have installed the UTFT, UTFT_Buttons and Utouch libraries from here
  • You have changed the numbers of buttons in the UTFT_Buttons Library
    In UTFT_Buttons.h change „#define MAX_BUTTONS    22    // Maximum number of buttons available at one time“
    Otherwise 2 buttons in „Screen Add Timer“ will be missing
  • You have downloaded the following resources from here
    Please store all downloaded C-Files directly in the Sketch directory of „Weekly Switch Clock“, NOT in the library directories
    The Icons left, right, trash plus and redo form here

Now you can download the Weekly Switch Clock and put all C-files of the fonts and icons in the resulting sketch folder:

Version 1.03 28.08.2015

Change log:

  • Switched from DS1307 real time clock to the more precise DS3231 (almost same cost)
    Use SyncProvider so that Arduino’s clock is automatically synchronised to the DS3231
  •  Added a Watchdog reset in case clock hangs
    I build 2 identical clock’s. The first hung after several weeks. The second, identical hardware, after a few days (we had a few thunderstorms around at that time). A power cycle was enough to get it up again. Because it is used for my Aquarium it is not acceptable that the clock will not switch the filter or the light, so I added the watchdog reset, that automatically restarts the clock. A watchdog reset will not go unnoticed. The clock records the number and the dates of the last 3 watchdog resets in the EEPROM.
    WARNING: The older revisions of the Mega had a flaw in the bootloader. The watchdog was not disabled and the mega was stuck in an infinite loop in the bootloader. A power cycle clears that situation. I have one Mega R3 (Revision 3) that was ok, out of the box. On the 2 I used for my clock I had to update the bootloader. If you want to update the bootloader you can simply use any „Arduino as ISP“ and rewrite the bootloader on the Mega. Search the internet on how to cable the two Arduino’s and rewrite the bootloader. The bootloader that comes with the Arduino IDE 1.6.5 is ok and works.
    If the bootloader of your Mega is not ok, the Watchdog will not be able to reset the board and you will have to power cycle the clock, just as if the clock hangs, so nothing is lost.
  • De bounced the touch screen
    If you try to operate the touch screen with a finger nail you may experience the bouncing.
  • Heaps of bugfixing
    You may not notice those bugs, beside the layout in „EEPROM reset“ but they are there.

Version 1.00 14.06.2015

  • Use DS1307