Tips – please do read, it will save a lot of time and questions

– Use a 6V power supply or, as recommended, a 7 V power supply

I was unable to get a clear DCF77 fix with a 5V power supply, though the clock seemed to work. Anyway a 5V power supply is not supported.
But i had no clear DCF77 fix with 7V either. So 6V was the best for me.

– Touch screen is not initialised correctly on power on

Though I am following the documentation, the touch screen is not always initialised correctly. Actually it will give back nonsense values. For that reason I reinitialise the touch screen every time you hit the screen but miss a button (at least the touch screen thinks you have missed)
After power on, please hit any button several times until the button is correctly recognised. After that the touch screen should work normally.

Please let me know, if you find a better way to make the touch screen work in a reliable way.

This also may be because a 6V power supply is not sufficient. A 7V power supply makes is slightly better but i lost DCF77 fix with 7V.

– Don’t turn the back light too low

In the back of the display there is a little potentiometer that controls the brightness of the back light. Turning down the light too low disturbs the DCF77 receiver. Maybe again the not recommended 6V power supply!